Group Therapy 206 with Above & Beyond and BUDD

Group Therapy 206

Group Therapy 206 with Above & Beyond and BUDD

1. Sunny Lax & Aneym ‘Everything’s A Lie’
2. Dani Avramov & Sollito ‘Waiting For You’ (Skylane Remix)
3. Adrian Alexander ‘Turnaround’

Record Of The Week
4. Nick Sember ‘Sahara’
5. Luttrell ‘Need You’
6. Armin van Buuren ‘Sunburn’ (Navar Remix)
7. Solidstone feat. Jenifer Rene ‘Heart Call’ (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
8. Capa ‘Accelerate’
9. Federico Scavo ‘Que Pasa’ (Tom Staar Remix)
10. Max Freegrant & Kris O ’Neil ‘The Dark Passenger’ (Yuji Ono Remix)
11. Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab ‘Another Chance’ (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
12. Nari & Milani ‘Epsilon’
13. Oliver Winters ‘Talk With Hands’
14. Boxed In ‘Forget’ (George Fitzgerald Remix)

Push The Button
15. Ultra ‘Free’ (Steve Brian Rework)
16. Mardven ‘Aim’
17. Yotto ‘Fire Walk’
18. Jerome Isma-Aae & Alastor ‘Tiger’
19. Dirty South ‘Drift’

20. Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility Base ‘Razorfish’ (Above & Beyonds Progressive Mix)

BUDD Guest Mix
1. BUDD ‘Evelate’
2. BUDD ‘ID’
3. BUDD ‘Idlewylde’
4. Apex Ape feat. Josh Barry ‘Joy & Pain’ (BUDD Club Mix)
5. BUDD ‘Highline’ (Dub Mix)
6. The Chemical Brothers ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ (BUDD Remix)

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